Annual Events and Projects 


Fall 2020 Covid Edition

  • Club Fair

  • Coffee Houses

  • Thanksgiving Food Drive

  • Halloween cupcake baking competition

  • Coffee House!

  • Friday Night Lights

  • International Boarder Initiative

Venture Orientation/Leadership Meetings

New Student Orientation/Club Fair


Back to School Dance

Homecoming Games/Golf Cart Parade

Fall Pep Rally

Leadership Day



Wildflower Planting

Lessons and Carols

El Fuego

Winter Formal

Winter Pep Rally

Valentine's Day

Mr. St. Stephen's Pageant

Marbridge Prom

Easter Egg Hunt

Spring Pep Rally


Executive Board Elections


Class Officer Elections


Kite Day


 Where does Stu Gov Meet? 

We meet Monday nights on the quiet side of the Student Center at 7:00 PM.

 What is the Point System? 

Members receive a pringle point for each Stu Gov event that they attend and either set up or clean up for. Points can also be earned through leadership or assistance of an initiative.

 How do I join Stu Gov? 

Anyone can join Stu Gov either as an executive board member, class officer, or an at-large member. Executive Board and Class Officer Elections take place each year in the Spring. At-large members are welcome to join anytime.

 What does Stu Gov do? 

Our association is dedicated to representing the students of St. Stephen's. Throughout the year, Stu Gov hosts school dances and fun events for students to enjoy. In addition, Stu gov also strives to tackle issues that affect students such as the dress code, late start, and more. 

 How do I get involved? 

Simply attend the next Stu Gov event and enjoy it! Events can be found on either this page under "Annual Events and Projects" or refer to our calendar.