The name of this organization shall be the Student Government (aka “StuGov”) of St. Stephen’s Episcopal School, 6500 St. Stephen’s Drive, Austin, TX, 78746.


ARTICLE II.  Purpose

The purpose of this organization shall be to serve the school by providing a forum for student expression and opportunities for student leadership, promoting school spirit and student morale through student activities, creating unity and a positive atmosphere within the St. Stephen’s community, and facilitating conversations between students and administration.


ARTICLE III.  Membership

Section 1. The Student Government shall represent boarding and day students in grades nine through twelve.

Section 2.  The Student Government shall consist of advisors, the Executive Board, elected class representatives, and “at large” members.

Section 3.  The Executive Board shall consist of a president, vice president-treasurer, secretary, day student representative, and boarding student representative. Each class will have five elected officers, including one class president.


ARTICLE IV.  Elections

Section 1.  Each position of the Executive Board shall be elected by the entire student body.

Section 2. Class officers shall be elected by their respective class. The five candidates receiving the most votes shall be representatives. Of the five, the candidate with the most votes shall be the class president. If a candidate from each population (either boarding or day) is running, then there must be at least one representative from each population.

Section 3. Elections shall be conducted according to a specific set of guidelines.

  1. No two candidates may run as running mates.

  2. No candidate may purchase any items to be used as bribery in campaigning.

  3. Candidates may only promote themselves. No slander campaigns are permitted.

  4. No email blasts are permitted as a campaign tool.

  5. Students in grades nine through eleven shall be allowed to vote by secret ballot.

  6. Votes shall be tallied electronically.

  7. Representatives must be reelected at the end of each school year.


ARTICLE V. Duties of the Executive Board Officers

Section 1. The role of Executive Board President involves the following:

  1. The Student Body President is the organizational, moral, and technical leader of the Student Government.

  2. He/She is in charge of maintaining the general welfare of the organization, including but not limited to: running meetings, appointing committees, and overseeing elections for the next year.

  3. The President acts as spokesperson of the Government and as a representative of the School at any and all events, including but not limited to Admissions Open Houses, Orientations, Faculty Meetings, etc.


Section 2. The role of Executive Board Vice President/Treasurer involves the following:

  1. He/She is responsible for assisting the President in all of his/her duties.

  2. He/She assumes the role of President in the event of a vacancy or the temporary unavailability of the President.

  3. He/She is also responsible for nominating non-elected students to appointed positions for the consideration of the Executive Board.

  4. He/She is responsible for commencement and adjournment of meetings.


In addition, when possible, the Treasurer is responsible for:

  1. Any and all purchases made, making certain that they are within the budget.

  2. Turning in any and all receipts to the advisor.

  3. Counting and being responsible for any cash from events and bake sales.

  4. Keeping a ledger of the Student Government’s accounts.

  5. Contacting vendors or service providers as needed.


Section 3. The position of Executive Board Secretary involves the following:

  1. Creating and publishing a weekly agenda for the meeting.

  2. Taking attendance and minutes at each meeting and publishing those minutes.

  3. Maintaining the records of the organization. This includes all correspondence, files, attendance, “Pringle Points”, and historical records.

  4. Providing documentation of the year’s work including suggestions for the officers for the following year.


Section 4. The Executive Board Day and Boarding Student Representatives are responsible for the following:

  1. Expressing the opinions and issues of their respective part of the community.

  2. Helping to publicize the news and events of the Student Government. To accomplish this, the Day and Boarding Representatives will collaborate to inform the entire community about happenings behind the scenes at meetings as well as social events.

  3. Utilizing and the upkeep of publications, web sites, bulletin boards, and signage.

  4. When invited, attend meetings of the Dorm Council to represent Student Government to the boarding population and/or possibly meetings of the Administration to represent student opinion to the Administration.


ARTICLE VI.  Removal from Office

Section 1.  A Student Government member may be removed from office for failure to attend three meetings or activities without legitimate excuse.

Section 2.  An officer or class representative may be removed from office for failure to carry out his/her duties as an officer or representative or for any other actions that are detrimental to the welfare and best interests of the school. Such action must have the approval of the Advisor and the Head of Upper School.

Section 3.  If an Executive Board member or class president resigns or is removed from office, another election within Student Government shall take place to fill the position. This does not apply in the case of the Vice-President assuming the role of the President.


ARTICLE VII.  Meetings

Section 1.  The entire Student Government shall meet weekly.  All meetings shall be open, and non-members are encouraged to attend.

Section 2.  The President or Advisor may call special meetings as necessary.



A quorum shall consist of a majority of the members of Student Government. A quorum is required to pass a proposal, amend the constitution, or make any major decisions that affect the student body.



All powers of the Student Government shall be declared to it by the school administration.  Therefore, the Head of Upper School and Head of School shall have the right to veto any act of the Student Government or to revoke any of the powers held by the Student Government.


ARTICLE X.  Adoption and Amendment Procedures

Section 1.  This Constitution shall become effective immediately after being approved by a two-thirds majority vote of the Student Government.